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January 25, 2011

startQuote 220 Marketing designed and built my website over 3 years ago and have continued to demonstrate over the years why they are the best mortgage website marketing company out there. I have been extremely happy with the service they have provided, especially the ongoing marketing support that has helped me with ideas on how to market the website effectively to bring in more business. There is a reason I have been with 220 marketing for so long and I look forward to working with them for many years to come. I highly recommend them to any of my colleagues who are looking for a well-designed, professional, and affordable website. endQuote

RJ Baxter, Branch Manager
Gold Star Finanical


January 19, 2011

startQuote I wanted to again compliment you on your superior staff. I had a tutorial with Peter this morning, and he was stellar with his knowledge, helpfulness and he was even friendly. I have always had a nice experience with your "Team"!

I have shared this experience and your product with my corporate office. Hopefully this will give you some additional business. endQuote

J. David Hoffman
Loan Consultant
Sterns Lending


August 4, 2009

startQuote Thanks so much for your help. The service I have received from everyone at 220 Group has always been good. However, the value you and Pete have added in our most recent conversations is so exceptional, I had to write. Your knowledge and insight is truly appreciated. (Tell someone there you guys deserve a raise.) I'll keep you posted on the results, but again, thank you both so much. endQuote

James Pierson
James Pierson Group


July 23, 2011

startQuote I had a mortgage website through a competitor for over three years. To me, getting a website was just one of those things you “have to do” when you start a business. I never really looked at a website as a way to really get new business in the door. On a good month, we would get about 30 mortgage leads through the old website. Everyone I talked to said that was "very good". But it was a simple template that I never updated. It wasn't that I didn’t want to update the website. I just couldn’t ever get proper service from my provider at the time. I would have to leave a message then wait for hours on end for an e-mail reply. Whenever I did hear back from someone the response was, "oh that’s too sophisticated. You need to speak to so-and-so for $200/hour."

Then I found 220 Marketing from a message board on Loan Toolbox. The people in the LTB forums were raving about 220. I saw some of their websites but those didn’t really excite me because I couldn’t imagine how "my website" would look. I wanted something that looked good and custom for my area and market. Only after taking a demonstration with Andrew did I fully understand the lead capture technology inside 220 Marketing websites. It wasn’t terribly expensive so I figured, let’s give it a shot...

Well, needless to say, I couldn’t be happier with the results. First of all, speaking to someone at 220 Marketing is a breeze. It seems like as soon as I send an e-mail with an idea for the website, it's updated within minutes. I don’t wait for hours on end only to hear, "that’s too complicated." These guys make it happen. I’m not a tech guy. I don’t understand the lingo but they make it easy for me. 220’s customer service is better than any other experience I’ve ever had on the web, regardless of the industry.

220 Marketing will not just make a website for you. These guys will show you how to make the website work for you. I knew what SEO was, but I didn’t understand how to do it. Well my search engine rankings have sky-rocketed - I went from page 2 of Google to #1 on page 1 in a matter of weeks. I knew how to pitch my website to clients and through media - the same way everyone does, just tell people to "apply online." What 220 has done is change that mindset to match the real-life sales mindset we’re all in every day as loan originators. No one wants to "apply" for anything, but everyone wants information on how to SAVE MONEY. The 220 websites make that the primary focus with their lead capture model. It has changed the way we do business on the web, raised our visibility to a whole new level, and given us new opportunities that never existed before. The scary part is that I’m still learning how to work many other features of the website that I haven't even used yet, like Craigslist marketing, the Real Estate Marketplace, and more!

220 Marketing has already helped me set myself apart from every one of my competitors with this new website. No one in my market or even my state for that matter has anything that compares to my 220 website. That’s not opinion, that is a fact. On a good day, I’m getting more leads in one day than I was in an entire month with my old mortgage website. The new investment with 220 Marketing paid for itself the first week I had it up. The 220 website I have is worth ten times what I paid. While I can’t recommend 220 Marketing highly enough, I do hope none of my competitors are reading this! : ) endQuote

Conrad Thompson
1st Family Mortgage Company

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